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This is a website dedicated to my dogs and my life with them. I have a small shiba kennel called Jidai No in Vantaa, Southern Finland. I am a breeder because of my love for this wonderful breed and I only have puppies maybe once a year if it suits my life.

In my blog I will talk about all kinds of things, though most of the time my posts will involve my dogs or just dogs in general. Sometimes the posts are in Finnish, but most of this site will be in English. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you have something to ask about shibas or my kennel.

Sivut ovat enimmäkseen englanniksi, mutta yhteyttä saa toki ottaa myös suomeksi. Blogissa myös kirjoittelen joskus suomeksi, tägään postaukset aina kielen mukaan, joten halutessaan voi lukea pelkästään jommalla kummalla kielellä kirjoitettuja juttuja.

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Juu enhän minä näitä sivuja saa näköjään päivitettyä kovin tiheään tahtiin. Miki synnytti neljä punaista narttupentua 12.10. Ensimmäiset kolme tuli semmoisella ...

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I should've known I'm too lazy to update this blog... Anyway, Miki's puppies were born on 12th October. Two days after ...

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Show training (and Miki day 58)

Today Haruka went to a match show in Kirkkonummi. Since she's not really had any show training we decided she ...

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Flower nightmare and puppies

It's certainly been a while since last post. Time seems to fly and I've been somewhat busy. It all started ...

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Back home from Lapland

As the title says, I'm back home. As I suspected in my post in June I had to cancel my ...

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